Bland Construction: 1957 - 1989

Beginning in 1957, Thurston Joseph Bland and his two brothers began constructing underground utilities throughout Central Texas. Joe Bland began working summers for the company in 1965. In 1972 after a semester at the University of Texas started working full time as a project manager. By 1979 Joe Bland became the President & CEO, a position he held for a decade until he closed Bland Construction Company in 1989.

For the next seven years, Joe continued to work in the construction industry, furthering his knowledge of both construction and business management. In 1996, he along with two trusted partners formed Bland/Schroeder/Archer and built a successful company providing general contracting services in Central Texas. Finally, in 2003, Joe became the President & CEO of what is now Joe Bland Construction.

Joe Bland Construction, L.P.: 1996 - Present

Joe Bland Construction has been operating in Central Texas for just over 20 years. In those 20 years, we have been fortunate enough to retain many employees who have been with us since the beginning. These employees, along with the leadership of Joe, have been able to develop a reputation of integrity and commitment. Our reputation has allowed us to cultivate amazing relationships in our industry. As we approach our 800th completed project, we look back with thankfulness on the amazing success, and we look forward confidently to continue providing superior construction service to the communities in and around Central Texas.

In addition to private construction, we believe our continued success lies in further expansion into public construction and are currently actively bidding and procuring work from the State of Texas, the City of Austin and surrounding counties within a 100 mile radius of Austin.

We are convinced we enjoy a reputation as one of the best, if not the best, civil contractor in Central Texas and would encourage anyone to check with any of our clients or the governing agencies we have worked for to confirm this.